Our chef has created dynamic and energy rich meals that will support everyone and every diet type over the course of the retreat.

We are so excited to now bring you full meal plans for the retreat!


    We have a few options for you. We have all of our tickets also available with a meal plan option. THOUGH if you wish to pay for your ticket now and your meal plan at the gate, you must RSVP your meal plan at the bottom. Please know Kitchen 519 uses this information to plan for their week at Anahata's. So all Food Day Pass Orders will be required to be paid at time of arrival. For only $37 a day you can get three nourishing meals! Meal plans do not include Thursday.

Thursday we will have a community dinner together.



Located in Glendora NJ, Kitchen 519 is a scratch kitchen that stands out from the rest.

Focusing on quality locally sourced ingredients and fresh foods, Chef John Stewart is constantly  creating meals that allow you to rediscover your taste buds. 

From deliciously paired ingredients and an endless variety of smoked items.

Innovative vegan meals to delicious classics.  

You can taste the difference on their plates, as well as in their house made dressings, sauces, soups & desserts!

Food Day Passes

If you would like to purchase your food passes at the gate. RSVP for them here!

These are accounted for when SelfLove brings their food for the week. We will note for you to pay at the gate for however many days you tell us in your message.


Camp Oak Hill

Nottingham, Pennsylvania

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