Classes at Anahata's Purpose

  Our goal at Anahata's is to offer a variety of classes to explore. Each class was hand picked for a specific reason or purpose. Each class also falls under one of the following categories.

  • Lecture

  • Movement/Health

  • Art

  • Community Building

  • Deep Dive / Transcendental

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Below is a list of some of the classes that took place at

Ayurveda 101

  Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of healing which is translated to mean "the science of life." According to Ayurveda, everything is made up of a unique combination of five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space.  Each one of us is a unique combination of those elements, called a dosha!

  In this workshop we will discover our possible dosha & imbalance, and create a unique ayurvedic plan to find more balance in our life. This will include taste (diet), sound (mantra), sight (color therapy), smell (aromatherapy) and routine. Once we learn what our own unique elemental makeup is we can choose a lifestyle that keeps us in balance!


Haylee Warner, HHC, RYT is an ayurvedic holistic health counselor,  movement & meditation instructor and corporate wellness provider based in Philadelphia. Her holistic health counseling puts all the pieces of your life into a clear picture.  She guides you to understand the root cause of your dis-ease. In her sessions your will build a map of simple and effective changes to re-pattern old habits so that you can live with energy, motivation and vitality.  Her goal is to empower you to clear the haze and stop compromising your best self!



Plant Based MAgic Workshop

  In this immersive workshop we will be combining the art of natural dying and ritual to create a space that is both healing and educational. Starting with a very quick intuitive writing exercise, diving into what we are trying to manifest, as well as what we are hoping to let go of.

We will then dive into the dying process learning about natural dyes and arranging organic materials onto our fibers. Once we have put our intentions on paper and prepared our fivers, the circle will be open for sharing our intentions and burning them one-by-one. We’ll then put the ashes into our adorned fibers and into the dye pot. This act will represent as a ritual to connect to our healing between the individual and the collective. Each participant will leave with an original hand-dyed square piece of plant-based magic!

Lauren Schwind is an artist living in Philly under the name Subnormalchild. She uses a multitude of magical skills such as drawing, painting, natural dyes while also working as a healer, exploring the modalities of tarot and Reiki. 


Insta @subnormalchild 

Community Body paint &  Empowerment

   In this class we will touch on different symbolism's that represent different characteristics from around the world. We will touch on everything from war paint to ceremonial symbolism.  Then the group is sectioned off into smaller groups of three to meditate and focus on each other, to group decided what power each member embodies, it could be power, femininity, communication, intuition or so many other things. 

  We work together to create art for each other and to help them embody their inner power through external expression. Expressing their true nature through body painting. The process creates self confidence and validation through community by offering companionship and support to one another.

Instagram @anahatas_purpose

 Ephemeral Nature Art 

There are many forms of ephemeral art, but the term is usually used to describe a work of art that only occurs once, like a happening, and cannot be embodied in any lasting object to be shown in a museum or gallery. Ephemeral Nature Art is all about exploring - exploring interesting places, the things you find there, your own creative abilities. Our world is full of wonderful natural places and together during this workshop we will find some time and space to explore, collect natural materials that call to us, sculpt, paint, create, and generally let our collective imaginations run wild.

Bio: Jess Grill is a passionate outdoor enthusiast who has always spent her time climbing trees, in the ocean, hiking, and generally enjoying the outdoors. This led her into a field that develops her life pursuits into opportunities for others. She earned her Master’s in Biology from Miami University, focusing her thesis on Nature Play which encourages learning through play both in natural spaces and with natural materials, and has her Naturestart certification through Chicago Zoological Society. The aim is always to meet and learn in a playful way, cultivating a mutual state of curiosity. Jess believes that everybody of whatever age has the right to play outside, to be idle, to be wild, to joyous discovery and wonder. 

Social Media: @pinelandsinstitute 

meditation through archery

Meditation through archery will use a technique known as "Single Point Concentration". This allows the archer to refine their technique through the use of breathing, mental focus, and instinctive shooting. Being able to hit your target simply by looking at it while blocking out distractions yet simultaneously being aware of everything else that is going on around you. This increases spacial awareness while also accomplishing the task at hand. These techniques can be applied to everyday life and help with navigating your environment with confidence.

Bio: Tim Wills is a professional archer and bowyer with over 40 years of experience in the field. After picking up his first bow at the age of 4, then making his first bow at 9, he has been on a long and spiritual journey throughout the archery world. Tim has shot in and won many tournaments in his lifetime but his real passion is handcrafting bows and arrows using wood and other natural materials using traditional methods. This has lead to an intimate understanding of the physics of archery along with a personal connection to the earth from which these materials are derived. Focusing mostly on traditional and primitive archery has allowed for a deep connection with the art of archery. Tim's years in the industry have lead him to be able to consult on multiple projects regarding historical accuracy on television and in cinema. Most recently has been fabricating all of the Native American weaponry on the HBO series 'Westworld'.

* Website: www.warpatharchery.com
* Social Media: @warpatharchery

Tincture Making

Tincture making:

In this class we will walk through the steps of making a basic tincture with alcohol from harvesting the plant, to straining the tincture and bottling it for use. We will go over some safe and simple plants that would be great to work with in your first at home tincture making project. And you will learn the supplies you will need to do this. We will also discuss alcohol-free alternatives. And you will get a chance to sample some different tinctures created with different mediums.

Angela is a folk herbalist, tender of plants, and mother of two human children- Sage and Violet. She first began working with plants in 2013 and has been learning from then ever since. Angela is passionate about teaching others how to build relationships with plants and learn the plants that grow around them as a means of self-preservation, self-empowerment, and connecting with their ancestors and the ancestors of the land. She believes that working with plants to make simple remedies is our birthright. And can not only be accessible to all of us, but is a crucial part of caring for ourselves, our families, our communities and remaining in harmony with the earth.

Essential oils workshop

This program will provide insights on blending techniques, carrier oils, safety and oil properties through an interactive workshop. We will meditate and infuse intention and magic into our custom roll on blends in ceremony. This is a grounding practice. Oils and roller bottles will be provided. No prior knowledge necessary! 



Bijou Julia is a teacher and healer. As the soul behind Bijou Blessings, Bijou connects with varying spiritual beliefs and philosophies. Her yoga classes reflect the influences of Wicca, Hinduism, the Medicine Wheel and Christianity to name a few. Her craft includes herbalism, reiki, yoga and more. 


Bijou's Spiritual journey has evolved over many years. Her connection with the Earth stems from severe allergies to synthetics of all kinds. Over the course of 4 years, she earned her aromatherapy certification, reiki I & II, herbalism certification and 200 hour yoga teacher training from local Master Healers! Life-long learning builds health and happiness!


Maybe you have met Bijou at Anahata's Purpose, the Merchantville Market off Centre, Bridal Shows at the Boathouse or attended an event at Blue Moon Wellness Spa, Blissful Yoga, Soulflower Yoga, or the Venus Moon. Currently she holds space for sound and reiki healing monthly at Blue Moon Wellness and offers restorative yoga with reiki at Soulflower Yoga. In December 2019, Bijou released her book Chakra Yoga: A Guide to Interpret and Align Energy. This is a tool for daily check ins and reminders for yogis of any level. You can purchase the e-book for download!


You can find her at wellness events all over the Philly area. From lifestyle coaching to group sessions, she loves to empower her mentees. Bijou is elated to share her craft at Anahata's Purpose Rooted as we Grow! Connect with her to embrace your healing journey!

a breath within

 Together we will use a type of breath work mixed with music and environment to create a holotropic state of mind. The journey will take you deep within your subconscious to help you unravel/ unblock emotions that have been built up by past traumatic  experiences. You will take turns being a "breather" or a "sitter" partaking or helping.   

Bio: Andrew is a type of holistic health practioner who offers a combination of different alternative techniques that he has studied and put to practice. What separates him from other  practioner is a vitalistic approach, which is the foundation for his consultaitons. Together you will figure out the root of your complaint and develop a plan to strengthen your mind body and spirit. He mixes together the arts of breath work, herbal supplements and shamanic healing to create an evolutionary approach by helping you take control of your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Website- northernrootshealing.com

The Art Of Dreaming

This workshop is designed to help both the experienced dreamer and the folks who feel they "forget" their nightly adventures. Jakki Robert plans to discuss healthy dreaming habits, your personalized dream symbols, and how to level up in your dream realm. This will help to evolve in the waking world. Learn the difference between dreaming, lucid dreaming, and astral projection. Find and acknowledge your dream symbols that travel to your waking life and figure out their meaning. Learn to interpret your dreams, but also learn to use dreams to practice real life scenarios. The dream world is a perfect place to reflect and indulge. It is also the perfect place to see how real life choices play out without any consequence to you or anyone your choices may affect. Jakki hopes you will accompany her on this journey to understanding our most intimate thoughts and use this workshop to identify our most innate needs and wants.

Intro to Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

 In this workshop, we will explore basic Tribal Fusion Belly Dance movements that you can use to enhance you own exploration of movement and self. Tribal Fusion Belly Dance is a form of dance that mixes American Tribal Style belly dance with other dance styles such as hip-hop, flamenco, popping, burlesque, and more! We will explore core belly dance movements such as hip drops. chest circles, undulations and isolations. We will find how each of these movements transform energy throughout the body and we will find pathways for easy yet powerful transitions between moves. We will end class with our own free flow where you will be able to find your own expression within this dance form.
Jewelissa is a Philadelphia- based Tribal Fusion belly dancer, burlesque dancer, and flow artist. She performs with Tribal Fusion troupe Las Serpientas, headed by Yareli Urbina, where they have performed at Rakkasah East, Tribal Vortex, and Art of the Belly Festival. She graduated from the Philadelphia Burlesque Academy in 2017 and performs burlesque that is strongly influenced by belly dance movement. Belly Dance has been the crux of her emotion, spiritual, and creative growth, as it's helped her heal through her own trauma and insecurities. She hope to share her love and skill with others to help their creative journeys and to inspire their own metanoia.
Instagram: @jewelissa

Moonology – Manifesting with the Moon and Her Cycles

Dive deeper into your Anahata Chakra---your sacred heart space---by connecting with the cycles of the Moon.  Learn the magic and mystery of working with the ancient lunar cycles for deeper self acceptance and self love.


 This class will take you on a profound inner journey.  The Moon’s medicine provides a re-connection and a re-awakening with the emotional body, physical body and spiritual body.  As you learn to connect with the waxing and waning of the moon, you’ll learn to harmoniously ebb and flow with changes in your own life.


The Moon is the largest celestial body that lights our night skies.  She is also the closest astrological body to Earth.  The Moon governs all bodies of water.  Since the Earth and the human body is over 70% water, the moon has a profound influence over the mysteries of our lives.  The moon impacts our emotions and our subconscious.  Learning to align with the phases of the Moon, opens the door to manifesting a magical life full of your deepest dreams and desires coming to fruition.  Allow the Moon’s cycles to cleanse and nourish your being.



During this class you will learn:

-         The Eight Phase Lunar Cycle:  New Moon – Waxing Crescent Moon –  First Quarter Moon – Waxing Gibbous Moon – Full Moon – Waning Crescent Moon –  Last Quarter Moon – Waning Gibbous Moon

-         How to align with the phases of the Moon

-         How to consciously create a magical life with the Moon

-         Intentions, Affirmations & Visualizations

-         Moon Rituals – Including participating in a Waxing Moon Ritual for bringing into fruition one thing that you would like to manifest.

-         Moon Mapping – a powerful way to track your menstrual cycle, and if you’re in menopause, it’s a powerful way to keep juicy, as you flow with the rhythms of your life.

-         The Triple Phase of the Goddess-Mother/Maiden/Crone and how the Goddess archetypes align with the Moon and provide powerful allies in our lives 

Instructor:  Parvati Goodwin, E-RYT 500, Life Coach, Reiki Therapist & Yoga Teacher

Parvati is certified in Vinyasa Yoga 200 hour, Hatha-Tantric Yoga 500, Kripalu Let Your Yoga Dance 160 hour, Children’s Yoga, Pilates, and Yin Yoga. In addition to teaching students of all levels, she has guided many new instructors through yoga teacher training.

Parvati is a strong believer in the value of a daily personal yoga practice with a deep focus on chakras, the subtle energy centers in the body. Her passion and calling have led her to extended stays in India, where she has spent undisturbed time in ashrams practicing yoga, breathing techniques, meditation, chakras, yoga philosophy and Ayurveda (a healing science from India).

Parvati is also a trained Reiki Master and a LaHo Chi Master (a healing system from Taoism).  In 2017, her combined passion and strengths of intuitive healing, chakra studies, yoga teaching and Wicca studies led her to become a Spiritual Mentor with a deep focus on chakra healing and connecting with the Divine Feminine.  As the owner of Sacred Empowerment Mentoring, she combines her extensive knowledge and training to help people change their lives for the better—physically, mentally and spiritually. 

As a moonology teacher, Parvati warmly welcomes students into her class, guiding them on an internal journey to access the strength, love and magic within.  

 Wesbiste : SacredEmpowermentMentoring.com

Ecstatic DAnce - Dance MEdicine Philly

This is a dance as you wish, safe space, absolutely everyone is welcome event.  We encourage no talking on the dance floor while we are in the flow of the event. This is organized by a group of dance and movement enthusiasts who want to build community through dance and appreciation for healthy living.This community and experience fosters both indivdual and collective growth. 

Chakra Yoga Workshop

This informational Yoga practice will clear and balance the Chakras through yoga poses, pranayama, essential oils, visualization, chant and affirmations. You will gain an understanding of each Chakra’s personality and techniques to work with each one. Bijou will guide meditation and interactive practices. Bring a journal to support this intensive journey! Amazing for beginners and great reminders for advanced yogis!

Art With Intent

Meditation is listening to the Creator. Prayer is talking to the Creator. Both are necessary for a fulfilling, loving and effective relationship. Kiel facilitates his Collective Connection Guided Meditation, as well as his Crystal Singing Bowl workshops complementary to each other, and in harmony with one another. Crystal singing bowls peacefully vibrate your cells back to their original blueprint of optimum health and vitality. Kiel’s easily accessible yet instantly effective guided meditation connects participants to the Highest Source Energy and moves souls to embody the divinity they truly are. A peaceful practice to be facilitated in both group and personal settings.

Aura Cleansing Class

We've all been there. The weight on our shoulders. The unknown twist in the gut. That "funk"We tend to forget that we have the tools to clear that fog that is clogging our auras, sometimes even forgetting about the existence of our auras altogether. But they are always there, around everyone and everything. It is our job to clean the clutter! You will learn about auras, what they are, how to detect /sense/see them, and most importantly, how to cleanse them. You will understand the valuable tools that are readily available to you in every breath, and how to use them at a moments notice. Whether you're well versed in the topic or merely curious, this class is recommended for you.

Crystal Wrapping Class

Take your collection of crystal from your alter to a wearable ornament. Join Wired Up Designs, a wire wrapping company for over 15 years as they show you a 101 tutorial on how to do cage designs. Take any crystal and turn it into a fashion statement!

Crystals will be available for purchase and will come reiki charged.

Herbalism Self Care

In this class we will go over ways you can incorporate herbal medicine into your daily selfcare routine as well as adding new rituals. We will learn how plants can help us take care of everything from anxiety, fatigue, pain, common colds, minor cuts, fertility, child care, and more. We will focus on a few key safe and effective herbs and the 2 most simple ways to incorporate plants in your everyday life, herbal tea infusions and herbal oils. Please bring a cup to this workshop as we may be tasting some teas.

Angela is a folk herbalist, tender of plants, and mother of two human children- Sage and Violet. She first began working with plants in 2013 and has been learning from then ever since. Angela is passionate about teaching others how to build relationships with plants and learn the plants that grow around them as a means of self-preservation, self-empowerment, and connecting with their ancestors and the ancestors of the land. She believes that working with plants to make simple remedies is our birthright. And can not only be accessible to all of us, but is a crucial part of caring for ourselves, our families, our communities and remaining in harmony with the earth.

Manifesting your PAssion into a business

This two hour intensive will give you all the insight you need on how to build your passion into a business. You know that thing you really want to make your full time "gig" but you don't know where to start. Or maybe you have started your holistic business but may feel stuck.


This class will give you the steps you need to take on how to make your business an abundant exchange in the universe. Break down goals and also build empowerment and become your own cheerleader.

chakra Deep dive

In this class we will go over each chakra and ask ourselves essential questions to detect blockages. Having a clearer understanding of the energy fields in our body helps us see things from a birds eye view and allows us to clear negative build up that has been hindering us from living our full potential.

Funky YOGA Dance

Groove, stretch and breathe to the best funk music ever recorded! Funky Yoga Dance combines easy, upbeat dance moves with classic yoga poses. The vibe is super fun and playful. Great for beginners and all bodies. Come smile and sweat with us! You are welcome here.


Mary "Mare Bear" DiMeglio is a lifelong dancer, yogini and global explorer. Founder and director of Mishana Yoga & Wellness in Philadelphia, certified to share Yoga, Dance, Coaching, and Reiki, with training in trauma-sensitive Yoga for Recovery. I'm thrilled to guide you to wellness through the world's oldest spiritual practices. Let’s inspire each other!

Camp Innabah 

Spring City, Pennsylvania

Camp Oak Hill                          Nottingham, Pennsylvania 

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