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Listed below are a few of our classes from 2023!

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Shamanic Breathwork

Connect with the archetypes of the 4 directions (serpent, jaguar, hummingbird and eagle) as you engage in a breathing practice designed to deepen your relationship with these energetic forces, welcoming them into your lower chakras before getting to know and connect with the archetypes associated with the upper chakras, Huascar, Quetzelcoatl and Pachakuti, keepers of the lower, middle and upper realms. By engaging in this practice each morning you’ll create the foundation for your own practice and connection with these powerful forces of protection, guidance and insight.

Hand Drums


With multiple sessions, we'll be engaging participants in each modality, from fitness-based classes, to meditation-based classes, to world rhythms, creativity and confidence containers, and everything in between. No experience is necessary. As long as you can hold the sticks, you can play our drums!


Boundaries in Relationship

Many folks feel that boundaries are one of the most difficult aspects of relationships. In reality, being able to identify, communicate, and maintain boundaries actually saves an immense amount of energy in the long run. Whether romantically, with family or peers, or even in the workplace, learn how consistent boundaries will give you a greater sense of peace and confidence within yourself. We will discuss and dispel perceived challenges to boundaries before collaboratively creating a skeleton outline for you to apply your own unique preferences and life experience into. Join me as we work smarter, not harder in relationship with others!

Acrylic Paints

Shadow Work Yoga

Everything casts a shadow. It almost feels like our shadow is always following us around......and it is. The shadow is a psychological term for everything we can not see in ourselves. The shadow is the "dark side" of our personality because it consists mainly of primitive, negative human emotions and impulses. Every human being is susceptible to this, but as we uncover what our shadow self is we get to see that without a shadow there is no light. So we need both to thrive in our life! And exploring our shadow can usher one to greater authenticity, creativity, energy, and personal awakening leading to a "positive shadow". In this workshop we will investigate an aspect of a human shadow conditioning so that we can unveil it, bring it to the light to deeply understand it. Guiding us closer to a greater self understanding and shifting out of the dark and into the light. This workshop will ask a lot of you, mentally and some physically. So be prepared to awaken!

Calm Lake

Vocal River

Calling all beatboxers, melody-makers and lovers of sound! In this experiential workshop inspired by Bobby McFerrin and other great vocal improvisors, we'll co-create musical tapestries using only our voices and bodies. No experience is necessary, but come prepared to sing, be vulnerable, and open your heart.

Stainless Steel

Steel Mace Flow Intro Class

Once an ancient weapon now modernized and used for fitness purposes, the steel mace is a tool you never dreamed that you needed in your movement routine until now. Incorporating the steel mace into your daily movement practice can bring on incredible physical and mental benefits. Physically, it covers all the areas of stability, mobility, strength, and endurance. Thanks to founder and creator Leo Savage, we have a format with the steel mace called Steel Mace Flow. It marries all of the fitness benefits of using the mace with the art of flow and getting into flow state. Steel Mace Flow is like any other martial art practice in that it requires a state of relaxation & focus. Creatively, moving with the mace teaches one the art of letting go of expectation and just creating in the moment. In this intro workshop, Cheryl will show you some basic foundational movements of Steel Mace Flow and get the mace into your hands to help you fall in love with the practice as much as she has. Cheryl is a level one steel mace coach with honors and has been practicing with the mace for over 3 years.

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Healing With Rhythm, Ritual, and Routine:

Rhythm, Ritual, and Routine (the 3 Rs) have been used since the beginnings of humanity to support our nervous systems and make sense of a confusing and chaotic world. In this workshop, we will learn how the 3 Rs support our nervous system, explore how The 3 Rs fit into our lives and support our healing, and create intentions for incorporating the 3 Rs into our everyday lives. We will co-create a group ritual to support whatever healing journey you’re on right now. There will be some info sharing, personal reflection, and group practices to support our exploration. Please bring something to write with.

Kundalini Yoga Studio Meditation

kundalini yoga

Kundalini yoga is a powerful practice which helps to clear the blocks in your life. This workshop is focused on Prosperity and harnessing the energy of the impending Full Moon in Pisces. We will breathe, move, meditate, and use the sound vibration and resonance of mantra to expand and elevate ourselves into a more prosperous and abundant life!


Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Come explore the grounds of Camp Innabah and learn about the wild and wayside weeds and their uses! Find out which plant to rub on a bee sting, which plants are good in a salad, which plant can prevent poison ivy, what tree has bark you can eat, which flower was used to staunch the wounds of soldiers, and more! We will go on a short walk (less than a mile) but it will include uneven and hilly terrain.

Image by Ray ZHUANG

Instagram For Holistic Entrepreneurs

In this 90min session, master the basics of using Instagram to market your business as a holistic entrepreneur. We'll review setting realistic goals, defining content pillars, optimizing your Instagram profile; key Instagram algorithm updates for 2023, and the top features you should use for content creation to market your business to your ideal customer. Attendees are encouraged to bring their phones to follow along and implement to take notes.

Planet and Moon

Everyday Miracles

Do you ever have a day when everything is just going right? Why can’t every day be like that? Well, here’s the secret: They can. The secret has to do with focus – how we focus and what we focus on. This workshop takes mindfulness one step further into the realm of miracles. Come ready to be inspired and learn some simple techniques to make every day the best day of your life.


Touching the Untouchable

An Expansive & Multi-Dimensional Ritual to immerse oneself into the full spectrum of masculine // feminine, dark // light, and individual // universal consciousness.

Tarot Cards

Science Loves Spirituality: Healing the Body with Polyvagal Theory

Polyvagal theory, otherwise known as "the Science of Safety" is a system of ideas and practices involving the nervous system and its role in emotional regulation, survival responses, and social connection and safety. In this workshop, we'll discuss the basics of polyvagal theory, how to recognize and move through the three states of the nervous system to create safety in the body, and how they affect our aura, energy and emotional states. We'll also practice polyvagal exercises to create safety and connection in our bodies, learn to co-regulate and extend that safety and connection with others, and embody our highest selves. Bring a notebook, pencil, and open mind.

Yoga Posture

¿¡Tarot Reversals?!

Let's discuss reversals! This divination workshop is dedicated to stirring up conversations about the hidden meanings of reversed cards when they show up in our spreads. We'll talk about how your deck speaks to you through reversals, what they indicate about a client, and how you can use subtle magic to encourage a shift in perspective about a situation. A portion of this class will be dedicated to guided practice, so if you've been itching to deepen your Tarot skills, you don't wanna miss it. Bring your cards and journal, a chair, and a beverage!

Herbs and Spices

Rapeh Ceremony

Rapeh is a sacred snuff from the amazon rainforest that helps to align the body, mind and spirit. The snuff is made by hand by indigenous elders in prayer with a delicate process of pulverizing sacred tobacco leaves and the ash of a certain medicinal plant or tree. This powder is the sacred snuff that is then administered through a Tepi into each nostril. When the medicine enters the field it helps to bring grounding, centering and alignment. We will be sitting in a circle with this medicine, starting with an opening prayer, working with the medicine as a group, each being served individually with care and compassion, closing with a sound healing and sharing of the experience for integration. 

Sillouette of Wind Turbine

intro to energy

During this intro energy class, you will learn to ground yourself in your own energetic signature, the earth, and your universal energy source. When learning or practicing energy work, the basics are often not taught. The lack of a foundation leaves practitioners exhausted, drained, and struggling to work past internal blockages. Krystal will guide you through testing and expanding your energy to build your own energetic field. You will then use self-reflection and journaling to engage with your energy and the tools you need to sustain these practices. 

Concrete Wall

Yin Yoga + Reiki

Experience a deep connection with your body, mind, and spirit in this Yin Yoga and Reiki fusion practice at Anahata’s Purpose. This gentle, restorative practice involves long-held poses that target the connective tissues and promote relaxation. While in these poses, you will receive hands-on Reiki energy healing, which will enhance your connection to your higher self and promote a sense of love and inner peace. Through this practice, you will release tension and connect with your innermost being, leaving you feeling grounded, centered, and renewed. Join us to connect with yourself and others on a deeper level, and to cultivate a sense of love and connection that will stay with you long after the practice is over. Bring your mats, blocks, bolsters, pillows, blankets for a more supported experience.

Purple Glow

Speed Friending

Speed Friending, similar to its romantic counterpart, is a workshop dedicated to allowing people a designated space and time to make connections with those that they may not have the opportunity otherwise.

Everyone will be given a number (for organization purpose) and then in groups of two or more will have conversations around given prompts from the proctor!

Hebrew Prayer Books

Rising Tides

The session would begin with a little jam sesh, where we will play drums and get the participants moving. Helping break the ice and get everyone feeling good and loose. From there it’ll transition into the telling of stories and experiences. Speaking on my times facing the sea and some of the beings I’ve encountered in my travels. After that we begin easing everyone into a deep mediation. Using singing bowls and music to help facilitate a trance environment. Exploring the connection everyone has with water and with the sea. This segways nicely into the healing portion and water ceremony where everyone will have the ability to cast away something they have been holding onto or call into their life something they have been wishing for. From there we get into our merfolk talk and speak on how anyone can be ambassadors for the water. Followed opening up the floor to others to speak on their experiences, asking questions, discussions on what the water means and can do for everyone, swimming and connecting with the water. And finishing the same way we started, with a passionate round circle dance

Playing Video Games

Reparenting the Inner Child

What if you are the parent you needed all along? At our core, we are all just kids in need of love and acceptance.

We each have an inner child within us that reflects both the most authentic and pure aspects of ourselves, as well as the experiences of our past. In this workshop, we will explore the ways our inner child is impacted by life experience and how we can begin to heal any lasting wounding. We will dive into an experience of connecting with this deep aspect of self, culminating into a powerful group process.


Party Smart: A dialogue on Harm Reduction

This workshop will be formatted as an open-ended, facilitated group discussion about some of the major points regarding Harm Reduction. Harm Reduction is defined as a set of strategies and ideas aimed at reducing negative consequences associated with risky activities, such as substance use. The intention of this workshop is to open the conversation about how we can keep ourselves and each other as safe as possible while having a good time, whether we use substances of not. Some of the topics covered include overdose reversal and prevention, consent, the use of reagent test kits, and mental health.

Woman with Freckles

Healing Talk Circle Words from Traveling Plants

With open hearts and the guidance of beautiful plant spirits in this Healing Talk Circle we'll share reverence for the Earth and ancestral wisdom. From the Atlantic Forest to the Amazon. From South to North America. We'll talk about medicinal plants and indigenous healing practices from our ancestors that deeply nurture self care and honor our bodies, our communities and our Planet. With an offering of Tradicional Plant cleansing (Benzimento) and other Plant Medicines that have been in my family for many generations such as Rapé, tinctures and massage oils and ointments.

Tug of War

Anahatas Backyard highland games

The highland games are held in the spring and summer in Scotland in celebration of Scottish & Celtic culture. The games are centered around feats of strength & athleticism, music, food, dance, and celebration. Laughing Hearts Yoga & Movement will be hosting a homemade, backyard version of the Highland Games at Anahata’s Purpose for its second year this September with athletic events to challenge the strength and fortitude of the attendees. The games will include a backyard version of the highland game's caber toss (a long log that is held upright and tossed in the air – but don’t worry, ours will be constructed and small), tug o war, farmer’s dash, sheaf toss, & welly throw. This year we will be divided into two teams and the winning team will receive complete bragging rights for the duration of the retreat, iron bru ( THE drink of scotland ), and a few other goodies :). Kilts are most certainly an option - wear em' if you got em'! Gie it laldy!!

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