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When does the gate/box office open?

Gates open at 8am and close at 7pm each day.

Can we have fires at our camp sites?

No, there are group fires available for everyone.

Are there bathrooms & showers?

Yes! There are three large bath houses on the property. One by Sky Hill Cabins. One by Orchard Cabins and one by the outpost shelters. There are bathrooms in Bethany Hall, port-o-potties and bathrooms open in the dining hall during eating hours.

What if something scary happens?

We have a great medical & security team. The AP team is equipped to make sure we are able to get help in any sort of medical or security situation.

Will there be food available for purchase?

Yes! We have a restaurant (Kitchen 519) that takes over the cafeteria and offered breakfast, lunch and dinner. We also have Steph's Cereal Bar & some other later vendors for drinks and snacks in the evening.

There will be vegan options.

Can I have my car with me?

That depends on where you are staying. Everyone in a lodge or cabin will have to drop off their belongings and park their car in the parking area.


We also ask if you do not need your car to camp with that you move it to allow more space for campers and also to decrease vehicles on the property.

Do Cabins have refrigerators?

No, the only accommodations with refrigerators are the covenant & Webster lodge.

Is alcohol allowed?

No, there is no alcohol allowed on the property.

Are the living spaces co-ed?

Yes, each lodging space is co-ed.

Can I come earlier?

If you have a ticket with the accommodation you wish to have, that spot is held for you.


Example: if you have a camping pass for Friday-sunday, but wish to come Thursday. You can come early and pay the difference of the ticket at the gate.

You must come during box office hours 8am-7pm

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