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Welcome to Anahata’s Purpose Wellness Festival Retreat.

The most unique wellness retreat experience.


   Bringing together deep meaningful workshops with the music from festivals you love, without the nonsense. We are heavily focused on offering classes you want to take while creating an open and judgement free learning environment. Your counselors are your favorite facilitators, organizers and musicians. Your campmates - fellow community members looking to expand personally and together. As your your itinerary... that's completely up to you!

  Since Anahata’s Purpose inception in 2018, we have encouraged attendees to express their truest selves, embrace their deepest passions, show support and compassion to their communities - and make sure they’re learning and having as much fun as possible while doing it. Each year we unite, aiming to move forward together with integrity, judgement-free self expression, camaraderie, authenticity and creativity.

  We host over one hundred types of classes, workshops, camp activities, movement classes and entertainment sets. Though there is more to Anahata’s than just the workshops, such as…. nightly live music, large group bonfires, summer camp style teams, daily camper tournaments and more!


  The best part, your aren’t pressured to do anything you don’t want to do! Just want to take classes? Go right ahead. Want to only do movement and dance classes? No problem!  All outdoor amplified music ends at 11pm.


  As a Anahata’s Purpose attendee you participate in informative workshops covering herbalism, tarot, breathwork, akashic records, dream work, intuitive art classes, movement workshops, drum circles and so much more. Eat great food, learn new things, dance, play games, go swimming, make new friends, laugh until your cheeks hurt.


  Anahata's Purpose is for those who want to do the self work. It’s the hybrid of transcendental workshops fused with the classic American summer camp experience. Practice archery in the morning, learn transformative shadow work practices by noon, do an intuitive art class after lunch and enjoy a bonfire with fellow attendees at night. Enjoy each other’s company, share stories and create long lasting friendships. Whatever you feel drawn towards is available to you. 

You don't attend Anahata’s Purpose, you are Anahata’s Purpose.

  Every year we have attendees tell us this weekend was so transformative and special to them. We strive to create the most unforgettable, inclusive and creative event possible. But we just provide the vehicle to make it all happen.

  The Anahata’s community fuels this weekend with something truly special that can’t be described - only experienced for yourself.

  We come to Anahata's from an array of backgrounds, to celebrate something we all have in common - a passion for learning more about existence and enjoying life in the best way we know how. No matter who you are, sometimes we could all use a break from it all.



  "A beautiful, safe and magical way to “Disconnect to Reconnect”. From the people, to classes and the delicious food, Anahatas Purpose is one of the best gifts I’ve ever given to myself for my inner work and wellbeing. It’s so hard to put this amazing event into words, but all I can say is you have to experience it for yourself."

  "The space itself is so beautiful and magical. Impossible not to unplug and heal here. Every single soul involved from the attendees to the facilitators to the team are such kind loving beautiful people. The chakra work , the healing was absolutely life changing for me. Life changing. Coupled with the sense of community and love it is the ultimate experience. I left feeling so light and full of joy mind body and soul. Thank you to EVERYONE involved . The team is amazing and shout out to the kitchen crew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My little vegan tummy was so happy. Thank you all so much. I cannot wait to be involved next year!!! Please, if you are reading this and you have the sense this may be for you, I assure you it is. Do it. Your heart mind body and soul will thank you."

  "Beautiful campground and a festival worth the experience. It is more than just a festival so much as it is a meeting place for like minded individuals. Every person's journey in spirituality is unique and progressing at their own rate, but this event is remarkable in its ability to provide the right tools to each person. The classes,instructors, and founders show a genuine interest in wanting to help and welcome all kinds of students. This isn't your typical festival which makes it worth while to attend (plus the fresh spring water is so refreshing)"

  "I have never felt so welcome or been greeted with such genuine love in all my days. This retreat is a reminder to us all that we are one and together we are strong. I learned to heal myself in ways that I never knew possible. I shared my story freely and was greeted with the blessing of others who allowed and related along side me. If your spirit seeks the freedom it needs to express itself this is the place and these are the people. Thank you so very much."

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