Anahata’s Purpose is a four day wellness retreat that takes place on the beautiful grounds of Camp Oak Hill in Nottingham PA. 

The retreat has a beautiful meaning and the grounds a rich history. The word Anahata is the sanskrit name for your Heart Chakra. What we offer is a 4 day journey to explore and discover things to ignite your hearts purpose and to give you tools to help process whatever is needed. 

 We have different classes, workshops and activities are planned across this 4-day experience – including yoga, plant medicine workshops, live music, hands-on workshops, inspiring talks, ayurveda teachings, astrology classes, tarot classes, chakra lessons, breathwork classes, herbalism,, small business development and much more… 

This is meant to give you the opportunity to explore what interests you in a "no push" way; while also enjoying a weekend get away with others that are also growing and exploring.

This four day experience is set up to "make your own retreat". All classes and entertainment are included in the purchase of your ticket, it is completely your choice what workshops you attend. Also, classes are offered numerous times over the four days to help you attend as many as possible.

 Originally meant to be a blend of a festival and retreat, due to the pandemic we have drastically dropped our attendee count to about 1/3rd of the original volume. We are making the switch to calling ourselves a retreat for this year. We are taking extreme protocols for attendee safety. Luckily the property is 50 acres so we are able to space out and have sign ups for classes. Since the classes are offered a few times over the 4 days, everyone will be able to still attend the classes they wish.


We will send out an email to all ticket holders before the gathering to make sure you are prepared and aware of what protocols will be put in place.


With Gratitude,

  The Anahata’s Team

Camp Oak Hill

Nottingham, Pennsylvania

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