Camp Oak Hill

Nottingham, Pennsylvania

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Community & Healing

   Anahata’s Purpose is a four day wellness festival that takes place on the beautiful grounds of Camp Oak Hill in Nottingham PA.

   The festival has a beautiful meaning and the grounds a rich history. The word Anahata is the sanskrit name for your Heart Chakra. What it offers is a 4 day journey to explore and discover things to ignite your hearts purpose and unlock its power.

   You can expect hugging, crying, stillness, self reflection, some circles, dancing and celebration. You will feel human connection, positivity and healing.

   Over 100 different activities are planned across this 4-day immersion – including yoga, nature immersion, wonderful live music, adventure activities, honoring our ancestors and learning their ways, drum circles, hands-on workshops, inspiring talks, Ayurveda teachings, ceremonies, astrology classes, tarot classes, chakra lessons, breathwork classes, herbalism, reiki and much more…

We hope you will come grow with us.

With Gratitude,

The Anahata’s Team

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