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Gratitude Wall

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I am grateful for this community that accepts and loves me despite my inability to stay connected via the internet

I am grateful for the very intense shadow work that this last AP literally forced me into. You might not have noticed but I was in an anxiety spiral / deep pit of imposter syndrome and feeling unworthy the entire weekend and it really pushed me to acknowledge my need to seek professional help.

I am grateful for my new therapist who feels like a solid fit and the nuggets of ✨️WOW✨️ information that she dropped today even though it was our first session.

I'm grateful for my partner who has been supportive and wildly patient with me while we maintain open dialog about if we are meant to be together or if we are in a space of moving on - me being the instigator of these hard conversations.

I am grateful that AP allowed me to remember how to cry and find that vulnerability is not only beautiful but essential.

I love you all so much.

Lindsay Abbott


Here is our virtual version of the gratitude wall! Have some...


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