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2022 classes listed below!

Abstract Linear Background

Consciously Connecting

Together we explore the magic and beauty in 𝙫𝙪𝙡𝙣𝙚𝙧𝙖𝙗𝙞𝙡𝙞𝙩𝙮.


Join Kelly and Larissa for a truly unique workshop that starts with a sound bowl and guided meditation before breaking out into smaller groups. Whether this is your first time or you are a returning friend, this experience is a heart-opening, fun, and intentional way to connect deeper to yourself and others through a series of hand-selected, thought-provoking questions. Think of this workshop as an additional way to integrate and practice skills that you've learned in other classes at Anahata’s. 


Bring a blanket, yoga mat, or pillow and make yourself comfortable-- but leave your expectations behind. Get ready to uplift and recharge our human connection.


Using inspiration from “The Book of Questions” and the game “We’re Not Really Strangers”.

Hand Drums


With multiple sessions, we'll be engaging participants in each modality, from fitness-based classes, to meditation-based classes, to world rhythms, creativity and confidence containers, and everything in between. No experience is necessary. As long as you can hold the sticks, you can play our drums!


90 Minute Asana

Over 90 minutes via the use of asana (postures) and pranayama (breath work) we will move throughout the chakras and work to open them up so that openness and release can occur in the whole body. While this is a long class it will not be 90 minutes of intense exercise. We will be matching the energies of the chakras we're working through, so the pace will ebb and flow, but never is the intent for this to be a vigorous class. This is a spiritual class created to unlock the subtle and emotional body, which can lead to tremendous release. Anahata's Purpose is a place of healing, and removal of blockages in the subtle body can help to bring the healing energy in and allow for growth and transformation.

Hebrew Prayer Books

Working with the Akashic

In this hour long class, we will discuss the Akashic Records and find our way in through a guided meditation. Working through blockages in your 5D and 6D to find relevant messages to help manifest your best life moving forward.


Hermetic Qabalah

What are the building blocks of reality? What is truth? This class will introduce you to the backbone of western esotericism: the hermetic qabalah. This hybrid form of Jewish mysticism, hermetic philosophy, and magic, creates a holographic map of the universe, and the YOUniverse. Get ready to step through Solomon's temple to uncover some of the most powerful arcane mysteries.

WARNING: This material can jail-break reality . . . 

Full Moon

Full Moon Harvest Ritual

The Harvest Full Moon Water Ritual will be lead on the night of Saturday, September 10th. All are welcome to attend and will receive a small bottle of full moon water, charged with the magic and intention of the ritual as well as the harvest moon. We will meet before the ritual at the Hearth and Hedge tent and proceed down to the water.

Calm Lake

Vocal River

Calling all beatboxers, melody-makers and lovers of sound! In this experiential workshop inspired by Bobby McFerrin and other great vocal improvisors, we'll co-create musical tapestries using only our voices and bodies. No experience is necessary, but come prepared to sing, be vulnerable, and open your heart.


Breath into you

Breathe into your emotions. Tune in to them and learn how to engage and work through them with breathwork. Join me in a guided breathwork workshop focused on your emotions. Tune into yourself completely and learn to regulate your feelings and emotions with mediation and breathwork.

Pondering Soul

Cyclical Living

As womb holders, our bodies carry a natural rhythm known as the menstrual cycle. Within each cycle, there is a unique pattern of physical, mental and emotional changes that occur. When we learn to befriend the cycle, we can tap into the innate wisdom that exists within our own bodies and learn to work with these regular ups and downs, rather than against. Together we will learn the foundations of cycle tracking and how to connect more deeply to your body and life. This workshop is for anyone interested in living more in tune with the cycles of life, whether or not you are currently menstruating. 


Everything Dies! A Story Time About Death! 

Circle round. I've brought the markers and snacks. Color along as I read Everything Dies, A Coloring Book About Life. I made it for you. Meditate on your connection to the earth. Contemplate your own mortality. Let's talk about death and why we don't talk about death. Have fun! Do good! Our time here is fleeting.


Leading the Eco-Spiritual Revolution

It's no secret that nature is a powerful healer or an entryway to spiritual awakening. We live in a time where the mass population is so disconnected from their spirituality and natural state that we are in a constant mode of consumption, yearning, and dis-ease. Through exploring Eco-Spirituality as a revolutionary mindset, we will call on the therapeutic properties of this philosophy and learn how to integrate them into our daily lives while intending that its benefits ripple out to our relationships, communities, and the powers that be. Participants will participate in outdoor grounding exercises and a short informative lecture about using nature and spirituality as powerful healers of trauma, depression, anxiety, obesity, restlessness, poverty, and so much more.

Playing with Sand

The child Within Creek Play

Facilitated within Source conciousness, this is an invitation to connect to your joy, aliveness, innocence, play, curiosity and creativity. Nature is our original playground that can offer deep connection and healing that weaves into our daily lives. 

Cute Planner

Healing With Rhythm, Ritual, and Routine:

Rhythm, Ritual, and Routine (the 3 Rs) have been used since the beginnings of humanity to support our nervous systems and make sense of a confusing and chaotic world. In this workshop, we will learn how the 3 Rs support our nervous system, explore how The 3 Rs fit into our lives and support our healing, and create intentions for incorporating the 3 Rs into our everyday lives. We will co-create a group ritual to support whatever healing journey you’re on right now. There will be some info sharing, personal reflection, and group practices to support our exploration. Please bring something to write with.

Hands Pattern

A Brief History of Yoga

Yoga is a spiritual practice within Hinduism that was developed over 5,000 years ago in the Indus Valley of Northern India.  It is a whole life experience, incorporating the mind, body, and soul in pursuit of living an ethical, fulfilling life. Yet, to most people in the "west," it is a gym exercise class meant to "relax the body," create more physical flexibility, and strengthen the body in pursuit of awe-inspiring physical feats.  Not only that, a majority of people have no clue that yoga originated from India, and that it is an indigenous practice created by people of color.  Instead, most representations of yoga in modern mass media feature white, skinny people impressively doing advanced poses.  The truth is that yoga is for every single person, regardless of body type, skin color, physical abilities and disabilities, cognitive differences, and more.  How did yoga travel across time and space from the mountains of Ancient India to the whitewashed, profit-hungry "yoga industry" of the west?  Let's explore - and brainstorm ways to fight back against appropriation, and share the authentic practices of yoga.


Be Liberated

Learn techniques to step out of fear and into real self confidence. We will be exploring the Emotional Freedom Technique and the Frame Technique, to energetically release worry and feel your own uniqueness. Understand your energetic signature as a guiding compass to your authentic happiness and maintaining your internal power.

Holding Tarot Card

death, the devil and the tower

We are taught through the cards of the Major Arcana, how to shed the ego-self so that we can live soul-driven lives. We come into this world as an untouched child, The Fool. We are wild and limitless. Due to life circumstances, our souls get muted by our parents, teachers, leaders, relationships etc. Then, we begin our journey to remember who we were since the beginning.


Death, The Devil and The Tower help us explore our shadows. Even though these cards tend to look how they feel, their medicine is deep and essential to healing. These cards are the deepest ego shedding we do in the tarot.  When we surrender to their medicine, we can release old narratives, self-limiting beliefs and habitual patterning.


In this workshop, I will take you into each card to meet the Archetypes through guided meditation. After each meditation, we will journal on our experiences and end the workshop with open discussion about our experiences. 

Eating Watermelon on the Beach

Tantric Sensory awakening ritual

Facilitated within Source conciousness and inspired by Margo Anand (one of my teachers), take a fun sensual dive with an assortment of tasty treats and elixirs, various textures for touch as well as natural fragrances amidst sounds and beauty.      

Glass Blowing Workshop

Glassblowing demonstration

Come and lose yourself in the enchantment of the flame. Shane will demonstrate and explain a series of techniques while he creates a one of a kind glass pendant.  This is a demonstration only, you will not be working with any glass yourself but may find the inspiration to find a studio local to you.

Sillouette of Wind Turbine

intro to energy

During this intro energy class, you will learn to ground yourself in your own energetic signature, the earth, and your universal energy source. When learning or practicing energy work, the basics are often not taught. The lack of a foundation leaves practitioners exhausted, drained, and struggling to work past internal blockages. Krystal will guide you through testing and expanding your energy to build your own energetic field. You will then use self-reflection and journaling to engage with your energy and the tools you need to sustain these practices. 


Exploring Eros

What is eros? Beyond sexual desire, eros is divine desire. It is sacred life force. It is energy flowing through your body and reminding you why your soul chose to incarnate. Join us on a journey to awaken eros. Breath, movement, sound, and touch will be our dynamic allies as we explore the deeply nourishing layers of sensation pulsing through the body. 

Whatever arises - love.. fear.. pain.. pleasure - welcome all sensations & emotions with a curiosity to understand and the willingness to fully feel. Step up to hold space and step in to be held ~ giving and receiving within the container of ceremony & ritual. Embrace the mystery, trust the process, and feel the effects.


Plant Based Magic

  In this immersive workshop we will be combining the art of natural dying and ritual to create a space that is both healing and educational. Starting with a very quick intuitive writing exercise, diving into what we are trying to manifest, as well as what we are hoping to let go of. We will then dive into the dying process learning about natural dyes and arranging organic materials onto our fibers. Once we have put our intentions on paper and prepared our fivers, the circle will be open for sharing our intentions and burning them one-by-one. We’ll then put the ashes into our adorned fibers and into the dye pot. This act will represent as a ritual to connect to our healing between the individual and the collective. Each participant will leave with an original hand-dyed square piece of plant-based magic!

Image by Ray ZHUANG

Befriending the Shadow

Befriending the Shadow is an experiential workshop in which we dive deep into our unconscious to uncover repressed aspects of ourselves that tend to have more power over us than we are aware of.  Attendees will be guided through education of the Shadow, deeply reflective journal prompts, an explorative meditation journey and group processing.  It is only through integration of both our light and darkness that we can embody wholeness. 

Planet and Moon

Understanding Mercury Retrograde

In this Astrology workshop, we will focus on what exactly Mercury Retrograde is, how to work with the energies instead of against them and discuss some tips & tricks to make this Retrograde starting on Saturday, September 10th your most reflective one yet.

Spa Fountain

Symbiotic Pleasure

What is desire? What do you want and what do you not want? Consent boils down to understanding one's inner Yes & inner No. Pleasure is energy that can be given, received, taken, and allowed. With simple, straightforward communication, consent enables safety & comfort, creating a symbiosis of pleasure. 

We begin with a discussion on the dynamics of energy exchange and discover which roles feel most comfortable and which feel more edgy. Through an interactive exercise, we will find how pleasure can be accessed in each dynamic - learning how to transform shadows & triggers into opportunities for greater connection & intimacy.

Hot Chocolate

Full Moon Cacao Ceremony & JourneyDance

We begin in sacred ceremony with a potent drink of cacao, known for opening the heart, cacao will allow you to connect with yourself, and others, in a deeper way than before. The miracle ingredient of cacao, Theobroma, is proven to help potentiate the release of dopamine, the pleasure hormone. Amongst high levels of minerals such as magnesium and B vitamins, this precious active ingredient is our catalyst to help elevate the mood, natural energy and sense of connection. We will safely and skillfully lead you into an altered state of consciousness using vocals, guided imagery, and dance. This is an intimate encounter and a beautiful sacred self-healing experience. In JourneyDance™ we are given space to tell & release our current stories without words. We let our bodies become the prayer and make quantum shifts through ancient + intuitive movement. We dance without mirrors to release judgement of ourselves and others while revealing and re-discovering our natural, intuitive movement. We activate our imagination and utilize diverse forms of improvisational dance to a soundtrack of inspiring music, guiding us through a process of freedom. Through breath, connection and expression, gain a palpable experience of yourself as pure, powerful energy and joint celebration of the human spirit!

Playing Video Games

Men's Circle

“ In the workshop men will get to connect on a deep level below the surface, sharing what they’re experiencing in life, and what’s alive for them currently. 


We will be using practices like conscious sharing, eye gazing, and conscious movement. 


Men will leave with a deeper sense of understanding of the men around them, themselves, and a deeper trust in mankind all around. 

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Yoga Outdoors

Join me for some healing & fun in nature. I am so excited to connect with you all, & I am grateful that you all have shown an interest in attending my yoga in the park event. I ask that you bring everything you want to be comfortable. Yoga mats, blankets, snacks, food, water, bug spray, sunscreen, and whatever else you think you will need. I will lead a 45-minute vinyasa yoga flow, and a meditation, & after I will hold a small raffle for you all. I can't wait to connect with you all in nature.

Happy Couple

The Cuddles Class

Who doesn’t love a good cuddle? We crave and need connected touch as humans. Skin to skin contact and consensual touching is a powerful tool for healing and regulating the nervous system. Whether you’re a seasoned cuddler, a bit out of practice, or carrying outdated stories around cuddling, we are here to create a brave space to explore the innocent and pure nature of cuddling in a consensual way. Through mindfulness, vocal activation and boundary setting, we will explore giving and receiving touch in an empowered way. 

Tarot Cards

The Fools Journey

The Major Arcana has 22 cards numbered 0-21. These 22 cards represent the life lessons, karmic influences and the big archetypal themes that influence your life and your soul’s journey to enlightenment. As card zero, The Fool neither begins nor ends the tarot but is the soul energy that moves through all the cards in such a way that a sculptor sculpts clay. The Fool is the wild child in all of us who answers to the soul’s calling without hesitation. The Fool moves through the Major Arcana to learn the deep lessons of defining the self, engaging with the inner self and gaining personal freedom. 


In this class, we will learn about The Fool’s Journey through the Major Arcana. We will explore how each card molds him and pushes him to his fullest potential and then ends in completion with The World Card. We will explore each line of the tarot, Line 1: The Birthing Line, Line 2: The Chrysalis Line and Line 3: The Master’s Line. We will touch on some of the card imagery and astrological and planetary rulings.

Stainless Steel

Steel Mace Flow Intro Class

Once an ancient weapon now modernized and used for fitness purposes, the steel mace is a tool you never dreamed that you needed in your movement routine until now. Incorporating the steel mace into your daily movement practice can bring on incredible physical and mental benefits. Physically, it covers all the areas of stability, mobility, strength, and endurance. Thanks to founder and creator Leo Savage, we have a format with the steel mace called Steel Mace Flow. It marries all of the fitness benefits of using the mace with the art of flow and getting into flow state. Steel Mace Flow is like any other martial art practice in that it requires a state of relaxation & focus. Creatively, moving with the mace teaches one the art of letting go of expectation and just creating in the moment. In this intro workshop, Cheryl will show you some basic foundational movements of Steel Mace Flow and get the mace into your hands to help you fall in love with the practice as much as she has. Cheryl is a level one steel mace coach with honors and has been practicing with the mace for over 3 years.

Horse Ranch

The Magic of House Protection

Learn about the magick behind house protection. Raechel will cover the history of keeping homes safe from the evil eye, malicious magick, spirits and more. The workshop will also explore various magica materia, spells and tools for domestic magick. You will also have the opportunity to make a witches ball using the information from the workshop.

Children's Race

Loving Little Me - Art Ritual For Nurturing Our Inner Child 

Art is a great way to engage with our inner-child. Engaging in healing, connection, and loving our little selves. In this ritual we hold special sacred space with one another (including our inner-child). In this ritual we will explore the differences between inner-parent and inner-child, the power of compassion in re-parenting ourselves, and how to channel our connection with our inner-child with art. In this 2hr art ritual we will explore how art can support us in connecting with our inner-child and connect deeper to our intuitive gifts. By the end you will have made art from this connection that is unique and special to you and will be able to use this connection again and again as a form of self-care.

Yoga Pose

Vinyasa Yoga

This vinyasa yoga flow will focus on connecting breath with mindful movements through a dynamic sequence, leaving you feeling reenergized and refreshed. All levels are welcome! 

Self Defense Practice

Women's Self Defense Classes

 Defeating Wrist Grabs and Behind the Back Chokes Defeating/Escaping Someone When On the Floor


Mystical Blossoms Art

Weave something meaningful, fun and magical together! Experience a community-centered ceremony where we will build a mandala with elements from nature. Everyone who participates puts a piece of their own intention and magic into it. We are all artists and our own healers. Let's begin our weekend with a powerful mandala that can be built over the course of our time at Anahata's Purpose and infused with our prayers and intentions, individually and collectively.


Healing "Not Good-enough" ness

This is an experiential workshop that will focus on identifying and distilling our beliefs and shadows around not-good-enoughness and using group ritual to begin to heal these beliefs. We will explore with reflection questions, writing, guided visualization, embodiment practices, and group support. You will be guided through a ritual to support you in letting go of self-limiting beliefs and embodying healthier beliefs. Come prepared to go deep with yourself in a warm, supportive, compassionate healing environment. Please bring something to write with. 

Tug of War

Anahatas Backyard highland games

The highland games are held in the spring and summer in Scotland in celebration of Scottish & Celtic culture. The games are centered around feats of strength & athleticism, music, food, dance, and celebration. Laughing Hearts Yoga & Movement will be hosting a homemade, backyard version of the Highland Games at Anahata’s Purpose for its second year this September with athletic events to challenge the strength and fortitude of the attendees. The games will include a backyard version of the highland game's caber toss (a long log that is held upright and tossed in the air – but don’t worry, ours will be constructed and small), tug o war, farmer’s dash, sheaf toss, & welly throw. This year we will be divided into two teams and the winning team will receive complete bragging rights for the duration of the retreat, iron bru ( THE drink of scotland ), and a few other goodies :). Kilts are most certainly an option - wear em' if you got em'! Gie it laldy!!

Couple Holding Hands

tantric Breathwork

This 90 min kundalini-activating flow incorporates breath, movement, self touch, and sounding for an immersive experience that will drop you deep into the sensuality of your primal nature. UNEARTH the wildly powerful self that is deeply connected to our instincts, intuition, + natural intelligence.

Stock Exchange

Money Magic

In this 90 minute class, we will work to release any preconceived belief systems and gridwork associated with money to open up the energy flow and bring forth the abundance you seek.


Runes class

The Elder Futhark is the oldest of the runic alphabets, and was used by Germanic tribes starting around the 1st century. Consisting of 24 symbols, or letters, and an additional 25th blank rune in some sets, the Elder Futhark is a powerful tool. Commonly used as a divination tool, runes can also be used as conduits and sources of protection or focus in spellwork. This class will be about utilizing runes, in this case being runes of the Elder Futhark, to further and deepen spellwork while ensuring the runic energy itself is also being honored. While this is largely an application class, we will be going over the runes and their history, so you do not need previous knowledge of the Elder Futhark in order to attend.

Concrete Wall

Transformative Meditation

Meditation that incorporates mindfulness and attention to the breath, best describes the vibe. Being present in the moment, and allow your awareness of your body and mind flow through the meditation. Typically a fire is a center piece, with a circle of people around. We write down things that feel stuck within us, and throw them in the fire, before entering into the meditative space. During the meditation, those that invite energy work will experience it. This looks like hands being placed on the top of one's head, or connecting in a "web" of people through touch. Energy work is a love and support offering, and does not utilize channeling, symbols, or calling upon any beings that have passed on or other spiritual beings. Guidance will be given to flow in the meditative space, and to awaken from that space. Throughout the meditation, it is supported to allow one's inner guide to flow through.

Purple Glow

9/9 Magenta Flame Sound Activation & Temple Journey

Attune to this divine light of Highest Potentials and allow the sounds and vibrations of crystal bowls, bronze bowls, gongs, chimes, and tuning forks, to help you resonate with and realize your wildest dreams!  This 9/9 portal activation will serve as a key to open doorways of greater love, light, and abundance on your soul's evolutionary path.

Tarot Cards _ Crystals

Soul Cards Art Class

Soul cards is a meditative art workshop. In this workshop you will be guided through sound meditation, breath work & movement. Reaching a meditative grounding state before going into a creative process. Learning tools to clear your energy field before you start an art process. Connecting to your heART & SOUL, there will be a soul card spread for you to intuitively pick a card. Guided by Katelyn Buchan step by step instructions to create an artistic response that connects to your own inner meanings by creating your own personal reading & art response. 

Acrylic Paints

Nature's Beauty Art Class

Nature's beauty has been depicted in various art forms throughout all of history. Over time the elements combined to form this ever changing world as you know it.  Let us be inspired from the environment during this elemental creative journey expressed through drawing, painting, and mixed media.   Our set up along the beautiful river will include music, the sounds of nature, and an altar.  Transfer all of this energy through your own unique creative voyage.  Please bring what inspires you to create such as: elements from nature, special objects, and art supplies.  All art levels are encouraged to join.  There will be a community table set up with some supplies that we can all create with.  If you have something to share please bring that too.

Breathing Meditation

Extended Breathwork Practice

The extended breathing practice is a 30 minute meditation that begins with Kapalabhati pranayama (breath of fire) to create a connection through the body temple before journeying though each of the chakras, creating a relationship with the archetypes in the south (serpent), west (jaguar), north (hummingbird) and east (eagle) as well as the gatekeepers of the lower (Huascar), middle (Quetzalcoatl), and upper worlds (Pachacuti). These are the organizing principles of the universe, and this connection allows you to deepend your spiritual practice and tune to the rhythm of our ancient knowledge.


Partner Massage

Partner Massage - Treat yourself (and your loved ones) to the gift of knowledge in basic massage techniques and safe touch.  We will explore scalp and face massage, hand and foot massage, and safe touch principles to ensure comfort for all parties involved.  Please bring a towel or yoga mat to sit on and no worries if you don't have a partner, we can pair you up with someone. 

Belly Dancer

Sass - Belly Dance Fusion

In this workshop, we will explore basic belly dance moves that you can use in your own movement practice. Belly dance is founded in MENAHT (Middle Eastern, North African, Hellenistic and Turkish) dance  and will be fused with burlesque and contemporary styles to take up space and explore your sass!  This beginner- friendly class will learn various movements like shimmies, hip patterns, and undulations and stage presence. Students will explore transitions to string movements together to discover their own empowered flow as we dance together at Anahatas Purpose. All bodies and genders welcome - Come dance with us!

Belly dancer on Sand

Slither - Somatic Bellydance Flow

In this workshop, we will use belly dance movement as a different way to reconnect to the body  and breath while you regulate tensions and potential stress.  Belly dance is founded in MENAHT (Middle Eastern, North African, Hellenistic and Turkish) dance styles, and will be explored as a tool to creatively engage with inner sensation and emotion through movement. This will be an all-level flow that will focus on slow and relaxing body isolations to develop better safety and curiosity within our bodies, without self-judgement or needing to "perform". Bring a mat or blanket to lay on and flow with us. 

Fairy Lights

Fae Lore

Follow the flowers along the fairy trail to hear stories of The Fae from all over the world. Join Phoenix as she tells the folk lore of the fair folk from Asia,  the Americas, Africa and Europe, both Western and Eastern. We will also go over some basic guidelines for working with the fae and end with a spell craft. 

Yoga Posture

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a slow-paced, meditative practice that works deeply into the connective tissues and joints while also improving the flow of Prana in the body. We use the breath to ease us further into each posture while holding them for extended periods of time. Yin yoga can provide a deep release in both the physical and emotional body creating space for introspection and guidance. All beings are welcome, no experience is necessary! Please bring your yoga mat and any other props you might have such as blocks, yoga blankets, and bolsters. Props are not necessary to attend the class but they offer additional support and comfort for our bodies throughout. 

Woman with Freckles

Somatic Healing

The process of working towards mental and emotional balance is supported by engaging mindfully with the physical body. We will discuss the anatomy of the nervous system, its role in traumatic experiences and triggers, and the applications of bodymind philosophy. Armed with new knowledge, we will play with a blend of proven somatic practices including yoga asana, breath control, intentional self-touch, and visualization. Our goal is to develop self-regulation skills and strategies to restore the nervous system and bring balance to the emotional, thinking, and feeling bodymind.

Garbage in Nature

We are nature & nature is us

When our body systems are in balance, we are able to maintain health and thrive. The same is true of all natural systems--and those with the most resilience, redundancy, diversity, and interconnectedness persist where others fail. Join Robyn Mello on an introductory tour of Permaculture Design, an approach to viewing the world and improving one's place in it using the ancient wisdom of natural systems. There are many ways to teach permaculture, and there are many misconceptions about what it is and is not. Robyn delights in teaching for clarity, meeting students where they’re at in their journey, and making use of the simple elegance involved in the design process towards any project or vision.

Garden Statue

Bare yoga

A clothing optional yin flow activating sacred kundalini. Reclaim your intuitive rhythm as we play with breath and the bandhas, using the root lock to connect into the heart of the earth. A deeply meditative and sensual experience, we use sounding, self-massage, tapping, and pranayama for energetic alchemy. This is a personal experience, participants are not touching each other, only themselves.

Herbs and Spices

Rapeh Ceremony

Rapeh is a sacred snuff from the amazon rainforest that helps to align the body, mind and spirit. The snuff is made by hand by indigenous elders in prayer with a delicate process of pulverizing sacred tobacco leaves and the ash of a certain medicinal plant or tree. This powder is the sacred snuff that is then administered through a Tepi into each nostril. When the medicine enters the field it helps to bring grounding, centering and alignment. We will be sitting in a circle with this medicine, starting with an opening prayer, working with the medicine as a group, each being served individually with care and compassion, closing with a sound healing and sharing of the experience for integration. 

White Sand and Stone

Connecting to higher realms

Curious on how to communicate and connect with higher realms? Do you know who your spirit guides are? Or what role your passed loved ones play in your journey?


This workshop will give you a full run down on how the other side works. I will explain how to connect with your guides, loved ones, angels, etc as well as a portion at the end for an exercise to experience these teaching in real time!


Understanding how your sensitivities work, as well as how the other side is works ~ and being able to connect the two is a life changing gift. You don’t have to be a psychic to do this work, we all have natural abilities and being able to consciously work with them will shift your entire reality.

Woman in Bed

Dreams, Psychedelics, and Healing through Visionary States:

Join Dr. Nick Atlas for an experiential journey through the multidimensional psyche, exploring a variety of ways to access our innate healing potential through relaxation, visualization, and deep embodiment practices. No experience is necessary to participate. 

Kundalini Yoga Studio Meditation

kundalini yoga

Kundalini yoga is a powerful practice which helps to clear the blocks in your life. This workshop is focused on Prosperity and harnessing the energy of the impending Full Moon in Pisces. We will breathe, move, meditate, and use the sound vibration and resonance of mantra to expand and elevate ourselves into a more prosperous and abundant life!


Singing Meditation Lullaby

A channeled sound immersion experience with the soulful and other-worldly vibes of the Sound Sirens. The Sound Sirens are Joy Okoye & Serenity Entity, with guest percussionist DJ Love - they are an improvised vocal and multi-instrumental trio that fuses world and experimental music invoking harmonic sacred sound and multi-sensory states of awareness. Enjoy this mystical sound ensemble that incorporates elements of soundscape, music meditation, sound healing, and performance art.

Deck of Cards

Fastest Way to Learn Tarot

Learn the whole tarot deck! This class will teach you all 78 cards in a simple way by offering you the esoteric systems underlying the exoteric symbolism. You'll learn to work with the deck as a whole, instead of having to memorize keywords.

Cracked Mud

Earth Connection

If you are feeling ungrounded and wish to reconnect to your center through art - this workshop is for you! Art as ritual is an intuitive healer. Art as ritual is also another way we can get grounded. So with art as the tool, this workshop is all about allowing Earth to be both our inspiration and our guide. In this workshop, we will:


Explore the meaning of intuitive art and how it can support us in our healing.


Explore what the element of Earth means on an individual and collective level.


Explore how we can intuitively interpret the Earth element in our art practice.


Explore our own artistic intuitive voice as a grounding tool.


Honor Earth as we honor our creative selves in a safe space.


Ground ourselves through our connection to art and our intention.


Earth is our teacher, and our inspiration for this workshop. So if you are ready to take the dive into this magical force while connecting to our intuitive creativity, please do not hesitate to sign up or reach out to me personally with questions! I look forward to seeing what magic you create.

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