✨We are giving away 10 CAMPING PASSES to those taking care of their community during this pandemic.✨

We hope to help relieve some stress after the pandemic has come to an end. We are so grateful for you all. We also are including tickets for two people who have lost their jobs during this time.

❗️You can only enter/win if you are a healthcare working working in hospitals, an essential worker or have lost your job.❗️

(however if you would like to nominate/enter in for a loved one that does fit into these fields you may. Include their name and bio in the entry)

Tickets will be divided up as follows.
Five tickets will go to healthcare workers.
Three tickets to essential workers.
Two tickets for those who lost their job.

We will chose winners on April 10th

Thank you to all the nurses, doctors, grocery store workers, delivery drivers, postal services workers and all other essential workers that are doing everything they can to keep this country going while putting themselves at risk to make sure we are safe.
For everyone else, please reach out to your essential worker friends.
Don't try to tell them how to feel.✔️
Just listen. ✔️
Be a friend. ✔️
Let them vent. ✔️
Show them love. ✔️
Validate their feelings, because they are valid.

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